Brainstem auditory evoked potentials in shy dragger syndrome


The shy Drager syndrome ( SDS ) is a multisystem atrophy of central nervous system which is associated with orthostatic hypotension and other manifestations of autonomic failure .The present study is an endeavor to explore the diagnostic failure . The present study is an endeavor to explore the diagnostic utility of evoked potentials, Brain stem auditory and visual evoked potentials (BAEP and VEP) were studies in five indoor patients of SDS.


Brain stem auditory and visual evoked potentials, a series of neural events occurring along the brain stem and visual pathways in response to an appropriate stimulus . As a diagnostic modality has spurred a burgeoning interest vis-à-vis neurodegenerative disorders including Friedreich’s ataxia, personal muscular atrophy, hereditary spastic paraplegia leukodystrophies . mitochondiopathies and various storage disorders.

Presently there are conflicting reports regarding diagnostic contributions of evoked responses in Parkinson’s disease. Gawel et al and Bodis –wollner et al reported BAEP and VEP abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease .Evoked potential Abnormalities were normalized in untreated parkinsonian patients with levodopa therapy, lending further credence to their previous observations .similar results were obtained.