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Double Vision Treatment in Dubai

In medical terminology, the problem of double vision is also referred as diplopia. Individuals struggling with this deformity observe double images of a single object. The images can be displaced either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This problem adversely affects reading abilities, balance and normal movement. Even routine normal tasks such as reading, driving and watching television becomes a challenge. The risk of meeting with an accident is also enhanced significantly.

Let us become familiar with the two types of diplopia:
  • Horizontal diplopia: Double vision where the two images are separated laterally (horizontally).
  • Horizontal diplopia - In this form of double vision, the images are separated laterally.

Human brain processes the visual information received by eyes and converts them into meaningful images. If the section of the brain, nerves are damaged due to any injury or affected by any illness, the problem of double vision might occur. Double vision treatment in Dubai is available in the clinic of Dr. Arun Sharma.

Some of the neurological problems culminating into Diplopia are as follows -
  • Cranial nerve palsies - It is caused by head injury, brain tumor or diabetes. This can trigger paralysis or loss of coordination in muscles controlling the pairing and positions of eyes
  • Myasthenia gravis that is neuromuscular disorders
  • Sudden stroke due to rupture or blockage of any artery, swelling of the brain
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Presence of muscle disorders like myopathy
Examination to assess the situation

Dr. Arun Sharma provides the best double vision treatment in Dubai. He precisely studies the symptoms to determine the root cause. Detailed evaluation is the only possible method of analyzing the situation. In routine neurological examination, the doctor examines eyelid droppings and looks for ptosis.

Medium of diagnosis the problem

MRI scan allows the doctor to look inside the brain, eye socket and even spinal cord. Only advanced examinations allow the doctor to conclude whether conditions such as brain tumour, acute stroke or multiple sclerosis is the cause of double vision.

Electromyography and Nerve conduction study

Different nerves and muscles are also to be assessed to ensure diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome is not behind the problem of double vision. Feel free to contact Dr. Arun Sharma for Double vision treatment in Dubai.