Double Vision Treatment In Dubai


Double Vision Treatment in Dubai

Double vision is also called diplopia in medical language. It means seeing two separate or overlapping images of the same object when you should only be seeing one. Double vision can have a significant impact on your daily life. It can make basic tasks, such as driving or reading, a challenge. It also increases your risk of falling.

Types of diplopia include:
  • Horizontal diplopia: Double vision where the two images are separated laterally (horizontally).
  • Vertical diplopia: Double vision where one image is higher than the other.
Neurological causes of Diplopia include:
  • Cranial nerve palsies. Double vision can be caused by paralysis or loss of coordination of one or more muscles that control the position and pairing of the eyes due to a cranial nerve palsy. Cranial nerve palsies can be caused by diabetes, head injury,and braintumor.
  • Neuro muscular disorders like Myasthenia gravis or certain cancers which release bad antibodies.
  • Vascular causes like stroke due to blockage of an artery in brain, rupture of artery or an aneurysm or swelling of brain caused by the above.
  • Diabetic cranial neuropathy that usually involves sixth cranial nerve causing horizontal double vision.
  • Multiple sclerosis can present with acute onset double vision due to a damage to origin of the cranial nerves called brain-stem nuclei.
  • Primary muscle disorders like myopathy.
  • Thyroid disorders, particularly hyperthyroidism.
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome is a nerve condition that causes progressive weakness. Sometimes, the first symptoms are in your eyes and include double vision.
Neurological Examination

If you have binocular double vision, your best neurologist in Dubai may ask questions about your symptoms to determine if an underlying condition may be causing it. To find out whether a problem with the cranial nerves. During a neurological examination, the doctor looks for ptosis - eyelid drooping, which can occur as a result of nerve or muscular disorders, such as myasthenia gravis or muscular dystrophy- or injury to one of your cranial nerves.

Role of MRI Scan

Sometimes an MRI scan maybe needed to have a better view of the brain, eye socket, and spinal cord to rule out a brain tumor, aneurysm, Multiple sclerosis or an acute stroke.

Nerve conduction study and Electromyography

An assessment of various nerves and muscles can confirm/ rule out disease like Myasthenia gravis, myopathy or Guillain- Barre syndrome.

Double vision treatment in Dubai

The treatment of double vision depends on underlying disease. For instance, Myasthenia gravis, Guillain- Barre syndrome, diabetic cranial neuropathy, swelling of the brain, Multiple sclerosis, and thyroid disorders can be treated appropriately with medications.