Dementia Treatment in Dubai


General information about dementia

Dementia is a medical condition in which cognitive functioning becomes limited. The capacity of the human brain to think, give reasoning and remember information is seriously affected. The problem can turn so serious that it starts affecting a person's daily activities. such interference can affect everyday life. The patients also face problems in paying attention, problem solving, visual perception, self management, memory, ability to focus. The language skills of the patient also deteriorates. people suffering through dementia become incompetent to control their emotions. Change in their personality is readily visible. If you are searching for Dementia Treatment in Dubai, contact Dr. Arun Sharma.

In the initial stages, the symptoms are mild but in the advanced and severe stages, the patient becomes entirely dependent on others for managing routine activities of life. As soon as the healthy nerve cells in the brain stop functioning, chain and connection with other cells is broken down. The advancing age obviously affects the normal functioning of the brain because neurons of the brain are lost. However, people with dementia face a higher degree of challenge. If you are struggling with Dementia in Dubai then consult Dr. Arun Sharma for relief.

Dementia is commonly seen in older people. However, not necessarily dementia will appear in older age.

Causes responsible for origination of this disease:
  • • By analyzing the medical history
  • • Conducting thorough medical exams to check blood pressure and other vital signs
  • • Conducting neurological tests to assess sensory response, reflexes and other cognitive functions
  • • Brain scanning and MRI tests also help to diagnose Dementia in Dubai
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