Parkinson’s Disease In Dubai


Get Effective Treatment of Parkinson's disease in Dubai

Are you familiar with the complications of Parkinson disease? It is a brain disorder that initiates problems in maintaining balance, walking, coordination and leads to stiffness, shaking. The bodily functions are seriously disturbed after the eruption of this neurodegenerative disorder. Worse part, the muscle control is destroyed. The complexities of Parkinson's worsened with the passage of time. Eventually, the patients experience difficulty in routine activities like talking and walking. Proper medication and some changes in the lifestyle assists the patient to recover some control.

More problems affect the life of patients in the form of depression, memory problems, behavioral changes, fatigue, etc. According to statistics, more men are known to get affected by Parkinson disease in comparison to women. Advanced age is a key factor but genetic and environmental factors also contribute in triggering this disease. Hereditary inheritance of this disease takes place in rare cases. Mostly, the symptoms of this ailment are visible after the age of 60 years. Parkinson disease is not known to have any permanent cure and the treatment is administered to improve the symptoms. If you are searching for reliable treatment of Parkinson's disease in Dubai, consider approaching Dr Arun Sharma.

Factor leading to emergence of Parkinson disease

The impairment, death of nerve cells or neurons leads to the emergence of Parkinson disease. Dopamine, an important brain chemical, is produced by these neurons. Untimely death of neurons adversely affected the production of dopamine. Still the scientist are unable to establish the connection between all the factors. Excessive exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, recurrent head injuries are also known to trigger Parkinson disease. It is said that mild consumption of coffee, tea and tobacco smoking can reduce the risk.

Symptoms of Parkinson disease:
  • Tremor is the biggest symptom of this disease.
  • Slowness in movement
  • Stiffness in trunk and limbs
  • Sense of smell is reduced
  • Depression, anxiety, behavioral problem, insomnia and dementia is observed in advanced stages

The affected person experiences mild tremors and even struggles with routine activities like getting out of the chair. Friends and family members of the patient are generally the first to notice symptoms. Lack of expression, difficulty in moving arms and legs are also the symptoms of this disease. Very often, in the initial stages symptoms appear on one side of the body but attain severity with the progress of the disease.

Treatment of Parkinson's disease in Dubai

Dr Arun Sharma has expertise in precisely identifying the symptoms and suggesting feasible treatment. There is no permanent cure of Parkinson disease but expert neurologists Dr Arun Sharma prescribe medicine to -

  • Improve the level of dopamine
  • Balance the chemical composition in the brain
  • Effectively control the non-motor symptoms of the body
  • Reduce tremors in the body and diminish muscle rigidity

Dr. Arun Sharma, best neurologist who helps in Parkinson's disease in Dubai also suggests therapies. His therapies have helped patients to improve gait and disorders. The objective of improving the balance and strengthening of muscles can be achieved by including healthy diet and regular exercising in the lifestyle.