Parkinson’s Disease In Dubai


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Parkinson's disease is a movement disoder. This means that people afflicted with this disease find it difficult to initiate and maintain normal movement; on the other side, they have superfluous, involuntary movements like tremors and unwanted jerks. It is a neuro-chemical disorder in which deficiency of Dopamine in the key parts of brain leads to rigidity (stiffness) of muscles that leads to freezing or slowing down of all bodily movements including walking and the limitation of facial expressions. The other components of this disabling disease are coarse tremors in body, difficulty maintaining postural balance, and dificulty in speaking. The other vital functions that are seriously disturbed are reduction in the rate of swallowing (drooling), blinking (staring, mask-like face), and later cognitive functions (slowing of emotional expressions, thinking, hallucinations, delusions, and mood disorders). These are just a few of the repercussions of this neurodegenerative disorder. The most limiting part of this disease is lack of control on one's locomotor abilities. The complexities of Parkinson's worsen with the passage of time. Eventually, the patients experience difficulty in most daily routine activities. An early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can bring about a significant slowing down of this relentlessly progressive disease and improve the quality of life.

The neuropsychological effects that impair the mental health of patients and their social life are equally debilitating. These include clinical depression, memory problems, behavioral changes, frank hallucinations, etc. According to statistics, more men are known to be affected by Parkinson's disease in comparison to women. Advancing age, male gender, and genetics are the major determinants of the disease statistics. Mostly, the onset of this dreadful disease occurs between 50 to 60 years of age. Nonetheless, this disease can unfortunately also affect people in the relatively younger age group between 20 to 40 years; a subgroup called Juvenile Parkinson's disease. If you are searching for timely diagnosis and evidence-based, conceptual treatment of Parkinson's disease in Dubai, consider approaching Dr. Arun Sharma

Factors causing symptoms of Parkinson's disease

The relentless, slow but sure dying of nerve cells (dopamine producing neurons) in a part of the brain called 'subtantia nigra' leads to the emergence of Parkinson's disease. Dopamine is the principal neurotransmitter that facilitates signalling processes within the electric pathways of the command centres of movement control and coordination, called 'basal ganglia'. Excessive exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, recurrent hits to head like in boxers are implicated in the causation of Parkinson's disease. However, such causative factors are exceptions rather than the rule.

Symptoms of Parkinson disease:
  • Tremors are the most prevalent symptoms of this disease
  • Slowness in movement, walking
  • Stiffness in trunk and limbs
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, excessive daytime sleeping and dementia are observed in advanced stages

The affected person experiences coarse tremors that steadily get worse making simple activities like writing an onerous task. Lack of expression, difficulty in moving arms and legs, freezing of posture and gait, difficulty in turning, sudden backward falls are other prominent symptoms of this disease. Very often in the initial stages, symptoms appear on one side of the body but eventually involve the entire body.

Treatment of Parkinson's disease in Dubai

Dr. Arun Sharma has expertise and experience in precisely identifying the symptoms and initiating appropriate, individualized, multifaceted, evidence-based treatment of Parkinson's disease. For any clarifications please contact neurologist Dr. Arun Sharma.

Drug treatment includes a multi-pronged strategy:
  • By enhancing the level of dopamine in brain with exogenous supplementation
  • Combining the above-mentioned dopamine supplementation with medications that slow down the rate of decomposition of the precious dopamine in the stomach, and in the synapses of the brain
  • Using medications that mimic the action of dopamine by binding with dopamine receptors in the brain
  • Slowing down the relentless progress of the disease with nutritional supplements and antioxidants

Dr. Arun Sharma, the best neurologist in Dubai, helps patients suffering from Parkinson's disease in Dubai and the MENA region. He also suggests ancillary physical and cognitive therapies. His empathetic, inclusive and holistic approach to a disabling disease like Parkinson's disease has helped hundred of patients in the GCC region to bring about a significant enhancement in their quality of life and psychological health.