Dizziness Treatment In Dubai


Dizziness Treatment in Dubai

The sense of balance actually comes from the coordination of three different body senses: the balance organ in the inner ear, the visual system and the muscles and joints in the body ,particularly that of neck. Dizziness is what happens when there is a deficit in any of these three senses or the brain centers that tie them all together.

Because of the complex system that keeps you balanced, dizziness can actually come in many different forms—as a sensation of unsteadiness, spinning or general disorientation in relation to an individual’s surroundings. Dizziness, therefore, is a symptom of a larger problem rather than a disease. The most distressful form of dizziness is vertigo in which you have, in addition to an illusion of rotational movement of either your body or the surroundings, some features of dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system like nausea , vomiting and excessive sweating.

If you have vertigo, you may feel like you are on a merry-go-round and you can’t get off it.

Besides the vestibular organ ( the balance transmitter of the body,that is part of the inner ear lying closely juxtaposed to the hearing organ) dysfunction there are many other causes of dizziness which are not related to the function of the inner ear. If the brain is not able to coordinate the inputs from the three parts of the balance system, there is central dizziness. Central dizziness may be caused by migraines, tumors, infections and degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis. Visual dizziness can occur if the eye muscles are imbalanced or there are errors of refraction.

Other causes of visual dizziness include intermittent inability to focus the eyes, difficulty reading or intermittent blurring of vision. Very rarely, dizzy symptoms may be caused by muscle or joint issues, such as unsteadiness due to muscular dystrophy. General health problems, such as diabetes, thyroid deficiency, vitamin deficiency, anemia and arterial blockage can cause dizziness as well.

Dizziness treatment in Dubai includes a detailed evaluation by bestneurologistdubai.com involving audiometry followed by an Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) test. An AEP test non-invasively records brainstem responses to sound stimuli. The brain waves are collected while you rest comfortably with your eyes closed. The presence or absence of hearing loss or auditory brainstem anomalies will provide clues to us about the cause of your symptoms.Following the lead of information provided by these tests either a Video-nystagmography or an MRI scan of the brain may be performed.

Dizziness treatment in Dubai may involve repositioning of inner ear crystals by Epleymanoeuvre ,demonstration of certain rebalancing or vestibular rehabilitation exercises to be carried out at home, and other measures depending on the cause of dizziness. The main message is not to ignore dizziness , not to confuse vestibular system and hence by corollary dizziness or vertigo as a structure or an issue lying solely within the domain of ENT, and to avoid taking off-the-counter medications without a proper evaluation.