Dizziness Treatment In Dubai


Get Reliable and Worthwhile Dizziness treatment in Dubai

Are you aware from where the sense of balance actually comes from? The balance organ in the inner ear, human visual system and all muscles along with joints of body coordinate with each other to produce this sense. The problem of dizziness gets triggered due to any abnormality in any of these senses. For the information of a layman, dizziness is a sensation in which everything appears spinning and it becomes hard to maintain balance. According to some estimates millions of people in the United Arab Emirates are struggling with this disorder. Do not neglect the symptoms perceiving them to be a minor health issue. There is a possibility that a large problem is hiding behind these symptoms. Early diagnosis can avoid situations from deteriorating. Even a short lived episode of dizziness should not be neglected. The patient can live a normal life if the treatment is initiated timely.

You can receive promising treatment in the facility of Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma. Come to us if you are questing for the best dizziness treatment in Dubai. Expertise of highly experienced doctors easily traces the root cause of the problem. In some cases, dizziness also includes other symptoms such as lightheadedness, minor imbalance and unsteadiness. It might require a comprehensive examination to trace the actual reason behind the eruption of this problem.

Most common reasons behind the problem of dizziness
● Infection
● Tumor
● Migraines
● Low blood pressure
● Cardiovascular disease
● General health problems
● History of ailments
● Poor nutrition level
● Injury to head or neck
● Strokes

Necessity of visiting a highly experienced neurologist for dizziness treatment in Dubai:

One of the prominent neurologists in Dubai, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma conducts a detailed examination of the body followed by audiometry. Another advanced test is an auditory evoked potential (AEP) test. We are aware and familiar with the concerns of the patients. Most patients cooperate to undergo non-invasive methods. During the test the patient can relax with his/her eyes closed. In some cases, MRI scans of the brain are required to be performed.

Appropriate and promising dizziness treatment in Dubai can also be administered by repositioning inner ear crystals. You can also practice some exercises of rebalancing in the comfort of the home. Don’t waste valuable time by approaching incompetent ENT specialists but consult experts like Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma to reclaim lost comfort of life.