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The vast experience of specialist neurologist Dr Arun Kumar Sharma is itself a success story. After attaining such vast experience, his name is counted amongst the most accredited neurologists practicing in UAE. Complex ailments can be treated only with great care, commitment and latest technology. At the clinic of Mr. Sharma, the best treatments are extended to patients with the help of state-of-the-art laboratories.

Once you will analyze the vast experience and area of expertise of Dr. Arun Sharma, probably you will realize that he is a genius. He fully understands the human anatomy and the factors that trigger illness. You will realize that advancement of medical science has managed to solve even intricate and chronic illness. After reading the informative articles of Dr. Arun Sharma, it is easy to determine that he can curb the pain and anxiety of patients suffering from chronic ailments. Human brain is connected with other parts of the body. It becomes easy to develop appropriate remedies once an expert understands the exact connection between brain, nervous systems, spinal cord and other peripheral nerves.

Effectively treating neurological disorders is a big challenge. In the clinic of Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, high standard quality care is extended to patients struggling with chronic and intense neurological pathologies. Just take a look at articles and analyze how factors such as excessive stress, physical workload, poor nutrition, chemical contamination, genetic factor, insufficient supply of lifesaving drugs are posing serious threat to patients. Stress is automatically relieved when the patients get a company of neurologists who have attained mastery in this sphere. After going through explanatory articles, you can understand that it is the proper care and compassion that extends full emotional and medical support to the patients.


This review is for Dr Arun Sharma .He displayed exceptional professionalism and compassionate care as my attending physician .with each daily encounter, he exhibited the highest order of diligence and hard work .i know that Dr Arun was truly on my side, and that he was entirely devoted to ensuring that I received the best medical care possible during my stay at Medeor 24/7 hospital.

Linda Mc Mahan

Medeor Hospital has been great in taking care of my mom she got admitted under Dr Arun Sharma. All the facilities and services were excellent. Nursing patient care ,customer service everything was just great. Especially, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma, he is just great. Thank you all for being medically and emotionally supportive.

Lekha Bohmova

On this day September 4th one year ago (2017) at 34 years of age. I was travelling home from Greece to Australia after a holiday .I was pulled from a plane rushed to a public hospital after suffering multiple seizures. Thankfully I was accepted into the care Medeor 24/7 hospital where I received the greatest of care from Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma.There I was diagnosed with a cerebral Haemorrhage and Transverse Sinus Thrombosis .I was so far from home and it was the most single terrifying event in my life .I was under the care of Specialist Neurologist Dr Arun Sharma and many others in ICU I have attached a photo of the team as my memory is a bit blurry .However I cannot forget Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma His care was outstanding he respected my wishes kept me feeling safe informed and without Dr Sharma and the team I believe I would not be alive . He followed my wishes and I knew my odds well this and allowed me to travel back home to Australia safe and well. He holds a special place in my heart and even now checks into see how I am progressing at home. After not only surviving in the first year I have thrived and have made an amazing recovery. I wish to thank everybody who was involved in my care .Doctors the whole of ICU team (the lady that braided my hair in ICU made me feel human) All the nurses housekeeping, physical therapists .The staff the nourished us with amazing food. I will never forget the kindness Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma shown daily to me and my husband yianni.

Today (the I year Anniversary of my Brain Injury)
I have had a tattoo in hour of the man who I have the upmost respect and gratitude Dr Arun Kumar here’s one more to add to photo time)
One day i will return to beautiful Dubai to shake hands and hug you all again
With love form Kristy and Yianni (From Tasmania, Australia)

Kristy Baylis (Survivor)