Most Relieving Tension Headache treatment in Dubai


Tension Headache Treatment in Dubai

Headache is a serious disorder that can be extremely painful and very interfering with routine life. Any disease or deformity in the body is not a reason behind origination of tension headaches. Some other names for referring to tension headaches are muscle tension headache, stress headache and ordinary headache. In the most common tension type headache, mild to moderate pain appears on both sides of the head. Loud noise, exposure to intense light also cause headaches. In most of the cases, patients experience difficulty in sleeping. The exact cause responsible for triggering this problem of tension headache is unknown However, some common precipitating factors responsible for origination of any headache are as follows:

  • Poor health
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive stress
  • Insufficient sleep

For effective tension headache treatment, you should consult expert neurologist Dr Arun Kumar Sharma. Headache is not considered as a serious problem but still to be on safer side, it is good to consult a competent neurologist Dr Arun Kumar Sharma especially after noticing the following symptoms:

  • Headache occurring after a head injury
  • Headache with simultaneous vomiting and fever
  • Headache causing blurred vision, numbness or weakness
  • Intense headache can also cause difficulty in normal speaking
  • If the frequency of headache occurrence is steadily enhancing
  • Frequently appearing headache that comes down after taking pain relieving medication
  • Headache culmination in loss of consciousness

At the clinic of expert neurologist Dr Arun Kumar Sharma, you can get promising tension headache treatment. The patient is supposed to share a detailed description of the headache. Dr sharma also conducts normal physical examination and enquires about medical history. Advanced diagnostic tools are also used by Dr Arun Kumar Sharma such as CT Scan and MRI.

Normal duration of the headache

Typical tension headache might last for a few minutes. In the worst cases, it might extend for about a week.

Prevention and treatment

AParticipating in Yoga sessions and maintaining distance from unnecessary stress can keep away tension type headaches. It is possible to decrease frequency and seriousness of stress headache with proper techniques and medication. Dr Arun Kumar Sharma has expertise in providing tension headache treatment.