Nerve Conduction Study In Dubai


Learn More about Nerve Conduction Study in Dubai

It is possible to evade ailments and complex health conditions with the help of routine tests. Only the best doctors possess the capacity to understand human anatomy. The advancement of technology has further improved our capacity to diagnose the ailments.

Electrical pulses generated by muscles can be easily recorded with the help of electro diagnostic medicine technique that is known as electromyography. The speed at which impulses travel in a nerve is measured through nerve conduction test.

With the help of such tests, it is easily determined whether muscles and nerves are functioning normally or not. Health of the muscles and nerve cells must be accessed periodically. The EMG results help in the identification of muscle dysfunction and nerve dysfunction. Any abnormality associated with nerve to muscle signal transmission is also traced through this test. If you are searching for reliable nerve conduction study in Dubai, only consult Dr. Arun Sharma. One of the basic necessities of nerve conduction study is to record the speed at which nerves deliver messages to the brain and receives the response. The nerves are stimulated by placing electrodes on the patient's skin.

There are different medical conditions for which the nerve conduction studies are used. Weakness in arms and legs and evaluation of parenthesis. The most precise information about peripheral neuropath physiology is provided by nerve conduction study. It is important to understand that nerve conduction studies are related with EMG studies. This process helps to easily evaluate and determine neuromuscular impairment. Consult Dr. Arun Sharma for best nerve conduction study in Dubai.

  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Generalized neuropathies
  • Spine disorder
  • Hereditary or degenerative polyneuropathy
  • Traumatic nerve lesion
  • Peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome
  • Necessary guidance for injecting botulinum

We are concerned about the comfort of the patient. The nerve conduction study is not invasive but sometimes the customers experience discomfort due to procedures. We take all necessary precautions and ensure the patient receives the best treatment. Look no further than Dr. Arun Sharma for best nerve conduction study in Dubai. Thirty years of experience clearly indicates his expertise. Patients with pacemakers should take necessary precautions and consult only with well-trained doctors like Arun Sharma. Feel free to consult us and we will guide you to get rid of complex health problems.