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Epilepsy Treatment in Dubai

Epilepsy is one of the most serious neurological disorders affecting more than 70 million people worldwide due to a wide array of causes through a wide range of ages. Oftentimes, no reason can be determined despite a rigorous investigating protocol, thereby termed Idiopathic ('Idio' means unknown) Epilepsy. The word seizure (derived from the Greek word 'seize') is not synonymous with epilepsy. Only after two or more ineplicable seizure events, without any preceding illness like fever or head trauma, can a person be deemed to have epilepsy.

A brief review of history always grants a satisfying insight into the conceptual evolution of any malady. Epilepsy has been called 'falling sickness' from the time of Hippocrates (400 B.C. to 500 B.C.), the eminent ancient Greek philosopher and physician. Many ancient Greek heroes like Julius Caesar and Hercules were afflicted with this malady. Hippocrates and, thereafter, Jean Marie Charcot, the father of modern neurology, helped dispel the myths and misunderstandings about the illness previously considered to be caused by evil spirits or downright insanity. We have traversed through various historical epochs and undertaken some major leaps of faith to underastand and treat epilepsy; from evil spirits to effective medications, stereotactic surgery, and vagal nerve stimulation (performed with an electrical device).

Do you know what a seizure is?

A seizure is a type of electrical storm inside the human brain. Normally, the brain cells (neurons) in the gray matter fire electrical signals in a rhythmic, oscillating manner; at any given point in time, some neurons are firing and others are not. However, owing to any given or absolutely unfathomable reason, a group of neurons start firing away in a hyper-synchronous fashion like a fusillade; a pro-seizure (seizurogenic) electrical environment ensues within the brain tissue. Ultimately, this electrically hypercharged situation gathers momentum and causes a specific type of seizure.

The type of seizure depends on the original set of neurons, specific part of the brain, and extent of involved number of neurons. The seizure may be absolutely harmless, like 'absence events' (in which the patient simply looks lost for a few seconds), or may be a life-threatening one like a flurry of ceaseless seizures called 'status epilepticus'.

Predisposing Factors Responsible for Developing Epilepsy?

The exact reason for seizures is unknown. Approximately 2% of all epilepsy cases are genetic in origin. This number is steadily rising with progress in the study of genetics. The usual suspects are lack of oxygen during intra-uterine phase or at the time of birth, congenital brain malformations, pyridoxin deficiency in the immediate post-birth phase, etc. Certain neurodevelopmental disorders, neurochemical disorders, white matter degenerative diseases (leukodystrophies), and autism are some of the other reasons that predispose a person to develop epilepsy. As a person's age advances the incidence of a fresh seizure declines.

However, certain brain infections like brain fever (encephalitis or meningitis), head injury, and vascular catastrophies like stroke or rupture of an aneurysm remain relevant in causation of seizures throughout a person's life span. Some well-established trigger factors are fever, sleep deprivation, flickering visual stimuli of visual display units (video games, discotheque strobe lights, etc.), drop in the blood sugar level, and concussion. Seizure treatment in Dubai and consultation regarding the disease can be availed timely at the Epilepsy Clinic run by Dr. Arun Sharma.

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to this ailment. According to various researchers, senior citizens who have a past head trauma, stroke, or are living with Alzheimer's disease are most likely to have seizures.

Anti-Seizure Medications in Dubai

The medical treatment of seizures has advanced sufficiently well with almost annual additions of novel anti-epileptic medications that are increasingly more efficacious and have progressively better adverse-effect profiles. If you are looking for the most effective and safe seizure treatment in Dubai, consult Dr. Arun Sharma.

Different types and sub-types of epilepsy respond to their own class-specific medication or set of medications precribed in accordance with evolving guidelines issued by International League of Epilepsy(ILAE) from time to time. Then again, the selection of drug therapy of seizure / epilepsy has to be individuated and drug levels have to be periodically monitored. Compliance with the dose schedule of medicine has to be ascertained on every medical appointment. A vigilant surveillance has to be maintained for side effects of anti-seizure medication throughout the course of medication. Periodic Electro-encephalographs are to be obtained for assessing the electrical activity of the brain. Sometimes, an occasional drug-refractory patient has to be referred for surgical intervention or VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation). Expert and experienced neurologist Dr.Arun Sharma has earned a reliable reputation for seizure treatment in Dubai. For more information about effective seizure treatment in Dubai, contact Dr. Arun Sharma.