Cluster Headaches Treatment in Dubai


Cluster Headaches Treatment in Dubai

Cluster headache occurs in cluster periods and cyclical patterns. This type of headache is extremely painful. The excruciating pain erupts in the temple area and periorbital area. The pain can last anywhere between 15 minutes and 3 hours. In this type of headache, the pain returns again and again each day at the same time. The symptoms can last for several weeks to few months. cluster headache is more prevalent in men who fall under the age group of 20 to 40 years.

The treatment extensively focuses upon avoiding triggering of the headache. It is now known that zolmitriptan, supplemental oxygen can help in treating cluster headaches. If you are searching for promising cluster headaches treatment then consult expert neurologist Dr. Arun Sharma.

Management of cluster treatment

Cluster headache can be effectively controlled by integrating several strategies. Lifestyle modification and educating the patient also plays a vital role. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be avoided. Acute headache can alleviate with the help of certain abortive treatment. Patients suffering from chronic cluster headache should take the medications properly. Expert neurologists like Dr. Arun Sharma is known for effective cluster headaches treatment. Invasive treatment options like surgery are used only in extreme cases when other treatment options turn futile. Patients who are struggling with chronic cluster headache must continue with their medication.

Appropriate cluster headaches treatment

It has been seen in various trials that high-flow of oxygen for some minutes helps in eliminating acute pain. Almost three-fourth of the patients experience complete pin relief. A very mild dose of sumatriptan and intranasal dose of zolmitriptan can provide some pain relief. However, oxygen inhalation remains the quickest and safest treatment for cluster headache. It is a completely natural and safest method of treating excruciating pain. unfortunately, the supply of oxygen is very limited. For promising cluster headaches treatment, consult expert doctor, Dr. Arun Sharma.

More drugs are available for treating cluster headache. The expert doctors avoid recommending such drugs to patients due to the possibility of side effects. Cardiac effects can also appear. Hence, electrocardiographic monitoring becomes a necessity. If you are seriously searching for effective cluster headaches treatment, Dr. Arun Sharma can certainly help you.