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Tremor Treatment in Dubai

What is meant by Tremor?

A tremor is a rhythmic, vibration-like involuntary shaking of one or many body parts. Some varieties of tremors like those of Parkinson's disease and those of disorders in the hindbrain or cerebellum can be quite incapacitating. Tremors can affect not only limbs (usually starting with upper limbs), but also the trunk, head, neck, and voice. Parkinson's disease is often suspected to be the cause of tremors by patients and lay public as well as by most doctors. However,you would be surprised to know that anxiety, thyroid disorders, and Benign Essential Tremors (a genetic entity) are much more common causes of tremors than Parkinson's disease. Tremors depending on the severity can often turn simple quotidian, mundane activities like writing or fastening shoelaces / shirt-buttons into a cumbersome task.

Who can get Tremors?

Practically anyone. However, people with a family history of tremors are more susceptible.

Diagnosis of Tremor

Dr. Arun Sharma is amply qualified, trained and experienced in differentiating among a wide array of types and causes of tremors with subsequent appropriate investigations and treatment. As it is extremely important to diagnose the type and cause of tremor, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma starts with a thorough physical examination which delineates the cause of the tremor.

Tremors that are fine, coarse, resting, or worsening on target-approximation (like touching the tip of one's nose), are some of the significant pointers during observation and physical examination. This is followed by some simple blood tests for checking blood sugar, thryoid hormone, suspected drug toxicity, copper levels and live dysfunction. Nevertheless at times, particularly in the case of early Parkinson's disease or when the patient demands a cofirmatory investigation, the newer state-of-the-art modalities like functional MRI or TRODAT scan ( Single Photon Emission Tomography / CT-SPECT) may be deemed mandatory. In occasional instances an MRI may be required to exclude the possibility of brain stroke causing damage to the Red Nucleus; this results in a rare type of tremor called Rubral / wing-beating tremor. MRI is also of undeniable importance in excluding degenerative diseases of the hindbrain or cerebellum which cause intention / action tremors.

In the process of evaluating the tremor, Dr. Arun Sharma might ask the patient to undergo simple performance tests. The patient might be requested to outstretch their arms and hold for a few seconds. Alternatively, they might be asked to touch the tip of their nose with the tip of their index finger in a stereotyped rhythm or draw a spiral on a piece of paper.

Needless to mention, the treatment of tremors depends on identifying the cause. As is quite conceivable, the treatment of tremors due to Parkinson's disease are drastically at variance with the treatment of tremors due to thyroid disorders. Botox injections may prove useful in treating voice tremors.

Recommended Lifestyle Modifications to Supplement Tremor Treatment
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcoholic beverages
  • Managing stress and inappropriate anxiety
  • Regular exercise