Intelligence exams only scratch surface

According to Dr A K Sharma neurologist at Al Zahra Private Medical center in Dubai .Intelligence exams only scratch the surface, and should not be the optimal barometer of brain power “If you want to do a real neurological psychological examination of a person’s intelligence and various other modalities of the function of that intelligence, you need atleast one month to study that person in a series of several tests.

"More important than having high degree of intelligence is the way you can channelize it and make it function. On the one hand, you find very intelligent people who are plebeian and on the other hand there are those who are philistine and don’t have a cultural attitude. Again there are others who can be bourgeious."

"An individual has to strive and strike a balance of distribution of intelligence to cover all the important aspects of the personality"

On IQ tests

Are IQ test an honest appraisal of one’s intelligence?

"The test consists of a panel of specialists including psychologists who mark the IQ Test papers which a have a weighting with age, These test have 36 questions which test tee deductive abilities of the candidate rather than any specific knowledge of mathematics ."

"Roughly half a minute of thinking is supposed to be given for each question and the trend is to go from the simple to complex "