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Dear Doctor Sharma
Friday, 30th March 2018

I thought about time that I got in touch to let you know of my recovery since being your patient last April.

I had another episode of ATRIAL Fibrillation on the flight home from Dubai and was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital where the doctor prescribed 1.25 mg of Bisoprolol and Tameside Hospital where the Bisoprolol dose was in ceased to 2.5mg .I gradually recovered some strength through the summer but contacted shingles in mid-October .The Shingles made me much weaker that I would have expected possibly because I was not fully recovered from the meningitis During that illness my Bisoprolol dose was increased to 3.7 mg.

My GP manages my Atrial Fibrillation and I have been seen at the immunology clinic at Manchester Royal Infirmary to investigate why I have been contacting meningitis during which I had CAT and MRI scans. The conclusion of the investigation was that no abnormality had been found.

The CT scan showed “ low density foci in the left external capsule representative of an established lacunar infarction otherwise no acute hemorrhage or space occupying lesion”

The MRI scan showed “ A well –defined fluid pocket is seen in the bony defect in keep with pseudomeningocele. Overlying soft tissue is intact.”

The immunologist recommended considering “referral to neurosurgeons for a further review of the images taken and to exclude any potential risk of recurrent meningitis complicating the previous operation in 1992.”

“ To consider referral to ENT to exclude any structural defect with the upper airway to explain recurrent meningitis.”

Both recommendations have been actioned and I am at present awaiting appointments.

I impatiently tried to wait patiently for my strength to return the winter, but it has only been during the past week when I’ve really felt that things are beginning to happen and that maybe I will get some strength back after all.

I trust that you are keeping well and that your family are keeping healthy and happy.

Please give my regards to all the staff who cared for me while I was in hospital

Bernerd Corbett