ADHD Signs to look in your child


ADHD Signs to look in your child

Most children are always full of energy which makes it hard to let them to stay calm for a long time. It’s quite a common and healthy sign to be active and energetic however, sometimes the hyperactivity is the indication of a psychological disorder i.e., attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD makes the kid hyperactive and unable to pay attention to anything. It is hard for parents to know if their child is suffering from ADHD because the symptoms are too natural for younger kids. Most of the kids are naturally energetic and face difficulty in staying put on one project for a long time. The over-conscious parents also get confused about whether their child is exhibiting normal behavior or showing the signs of ADHD. In such a case, it is always better to take the opinion of an expert such as Dr. Arun kumar Sharma.

As per Dr. Sharma, ADHD is a chronic disease that almost 60 percent of the younger patients carry with them into adulthood. If you are concerned that your child is hyperactive and is finding it difficult to maintain his/her focus, you should immediately seek the advice of the Best neurologist Dubai and assess the child for ADHD. In this post, we are sharing some of the warning ADHD signs that you should pay definite attention to while upbringing the child

Inattention – means that the child is unable to pay attention to even trivial things and loses his/her focus easily.

Careless Mistakes – it is also a sign of ADHD as the child is unable to pay attention to detail, he/she is likely to make careless mistakes.

Organizing things – a child suffering from ADHD may find it super challenging to organize their stuff such as books, school bags, toys, and other such belongings.

Following instructions – the ADHD child may face trouble following particular instructions. They may be brilliant in their studies but it can be hard to follow instructions.

Distractions – an ADHD child can easily be distracted and lose focus from what he/she has been doing.

Restlessness – the ADHD child may appear restless while constantly fidgeting, tapping their hands or feet

Excessive talking – talking too much and pointless is also an indication of ADHD in children.

Interruption – an ADHD child finds it alright to interrupt conversations no matter how many times they are snubbed

Unable to sit – it is difficult for ADHD kids to remain seated in one place for a long time. They get irritated and restless easily in no time.While children are the greatest gift, they need the constant supervision of their parents to become the best beings of themselves even if they are suffering from ADHD. Being a responsible parent, you must seek ADHD treatment in Dubai for your kid and enable them to grow and progress in life despite the challenges.