Decoding Brain A Naturally Programmed Computer


Neurologist: Decoding Brain A Naturally Programmed Computer

Medicines cure the disease but not the patient. A patient needs a doctor. The mere chemical can only decrease the physical pain but the doctor diminishes the malady. The person who had given up their own lives to save others is a doctor. A friend who had lost all of his friends to save others' life is a doctor.

Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is an Empathetic and courteous neurologist. Having an MD (internal medicine), DM, AND Ph.D. in neurology from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh is not only a doctor but also a prominent researcher.

Being a prominent researcher and Best neurologist doctor in Dubai he has an adequate number of high-quality research papers in reputed journals.

Neurology and neural disorders:

The sensory system comprises of two significant parts first is the focal central nervous system and 2nd is the peripheral sensory system right. The central nervous essentially partitioned into the brain and the spinal cord. Neurological disorder refers to the brain or nervous system diseases. Recent research shows one in six people of the world's population shows symptoms and is affected by this disease. Neurologists treat an ever-growing assortment of neural conditions influencing the focal and peripheral neural and sensory systems.

The diseases incorporated under the neurological disorders are epilepsy Lou Gehrig's disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc, and many more. Due to astounding inventions, medical research, and the Best neurologist in Dubai, the number of powerful therapeutics and curatives is now increasing rapidly in UAE.

Worldwide neurological complication:

Neurological issues are progressively perceived as significant reasons for death and handicap around the world. Internationally, in 2016, neurological issues were the main source of disability of people and the second driving reason for death.

The exact cause of neurological can vary from person to person. It can be due to hereditary or genetic variation, infections, environmental effects, congenital abnormalities, or lifestyle issues. Spinal cord damage, brain or nerve damage, and malnutrition may be some other causes of neurological issues.

Symptoms and diagnosis:

Many symptoms related to neurological disorders are written in a medical dictionary. Some of them are:
  • Persevering or unexpected beginning of a headache or pain
  • May cause Loss of feeling or shivering
  • Body frailty and weakness in muscle strength
  • Loss of vision or double eyesight visionand the loss of Memory
  • Disabled mental capacity and Absence of coordination

Identification and diagnosis of sensory system damage are cumbersome and complex. Large numbers of similar indications occur in various combinations for the different neural disorders. Numerous diseases additionally don’t have conclusive causes, tests, and biomarkers. These causes are sufficient to make a diagnosis considerably harder.

The diagnosis of a neural disorder can comprise of different scientific technologies and methods. Ct scan an Xray based technique, electroencephalogram for capturing brain electrical activity, MRI, electromyography, nerve conduction velocity, positron emission tomography, arteriogram, evoked potentials, neurosonography, myelogram, sonography, etc. are some of the tests that can be used for neuro disorder diagnosis.

The Best neurologist doctor always knows which combination of techniques can be used for the proper diagnosis of disease and which medical procedure and cures to be applied for the restoration.