Parenting tips for dealing child with ADHD at home


Children suffering from ADHD need special attention from their parents to live a normal life

: Parents must be cognizant of the fact that every child has different needs and treating everyone alike is not ideal. The fact becomes important when dealing with a child with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is a neurological disorder commonly found in many children. In case you notice unusual behavior in children you should not ignore it and look for the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai. While you should strictly follow what the neurologist prescribes, you also have to ensure that your child also has your support and love. In Dubai, Dr. Arun kumar Sharma is a well-reputed neurologist regarded as the best choice for treating ADHD in children.

What is ADHD?

Your child is usually not at fault when he/she behaves aggressively or in an unusual way while suffering from ADHD. The disorder primarily causes deficiencies in a child’s thinking abilities, the ability to sit still, assert self-control, concentrate, impulsiveness, and many others. A child with ADHD wants to behave like others such as they want to organize their room or not annoy others but they just don’t understand how to do it. ADHD is commonly found in children however it could last in adulthood as well.

Parenting Tips to deal with a child suffering from ADHD

As a parent, you need to be patient while dealing with a child with special needs. You can influence and guide the young mind in many ways.

Stay Positive

The first rule is that you must maintain a positive attitude. Understandably, parents could become frustrated or anxious but it is integral to stay calm and focused. If the parent remains calm, the child is likely to gain more confidence and follow the behavior.

Maintain Perspective

Instead of looking for explanations and reasons, remember why your child is behaving not normally. All of his/her activities are related to the disorder and not intentional.

Establish a routine

To deal with a child with ADHD, following routines in daily life can be helpful. Set a time for dinner, play, homework, and bed. By setting up a routine, you help the child in meeting expectations and shaping their life in a certain way. Just make sure to keep everything simple for the child to comprehend.

Set Rules

In ADHD disorder, a child is likely to act aggressively or can indulge in any unhealthy activities. In such a case you have to set rules to prevent the child from self-harm or abusing others. Hyperactivity can also lead to physical injuries or mental due to lack of sleep. To establish a system of rules to guide the child and also ascertain rewards to encourage him/her for living up to expectations.

Sleep Time

Sleep is considered an important factor in ADHD treatment in Dubai. A child should be encouraged to follow a sleep pattern to stay calm and get rid of restlessness.