Tips to get relief in Migraine attack


Tips to get relief in Migraine attack

Migraines are common across the world in children, adults, and older people. The pain is chronic and has the potential to affect the daily life of some of its patients. Its intensity, symptom, conditions, and relief vary from person to person. It is a common yet painful neurological condition that can be handled under the supervision and guidance of an expert neurologist Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma. If you are in Dubai and looking for medical assistance for migraine relief then look no further as Dr. Arun has decades of experience in the field and has established his repute as the Best neurologist in Dubai. During the attack, apart from a severe headache, many patients feel other symptoms as well such as nausea, vomiting, numbness in hands and limbs, sensitivity to sound and light, etc. While the pain can be very hard for some to handle, there are some natural remedies as well that you can try to get relief from a migraine attack.

Rest in a Darkroom

The migraine attack is triggered by noise and light. Try to rest in a dark quiet room as soon as the pain starts to reduce its intensity. If possible, ask the people in your surroundings to keep the noise low till you recover from the attack.

Place cold or Warm Compresses

Place cold or warm compresses on your head or neck to distract the brain from the pain. It is a tested way suggested by many neuroscientists to reduce pain. Make sure to keep a soft cloth on the skin before applying compresses to save the skin from irritations. While the use of heat or cold compresses is common, most people prefer to use cold ones.

Stay Hydrated

Experts say that being dehydrated also triggers the attack. So, make sure to drink enough water and juices during the attack and at intervals to stay hydrated. If you feeling nauseous, which is common in a migraine attack, you can use lemon water or a slice of lemon in water to not only stay hydrated but also safe from nausea.

Massage your temples

Some experts suggest massaging your temples to relax during the attack. However, in some cases, people also tend to become sensitive to touch during migraine attacks. In case if you haven’t tried already, try massaging for a shorter to see its impact. Only continue if you feel the reduction in pain.


Lavender is known as a stress reliever. It has also been suggested by many people to smell lavender oil during the migraine attack to calm your nerves and relax. As per experts, it has been tested that lavender oil helps in reduction of the migraine attack. However, if the pain persists and becomes unbearable, don’t hesitate to consult a Pain Management consultant in Dubai.