What are the services provided by neurologists in Dubai?


What are the services provided by neurologists in Dubai?

A best neurologist in Dubai is a physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Muscle illnesses and disorders that influence mind and behaviour are examples of this. A Best neurologist doctor in Dubai is a medical doctor that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the muscles, brain, and peripheral nervous system. Once tested and diagnosed with neurological diseases, a physician would usually refer their patient to one. A neurological examination can help to identify the diagnosis. Patients will now have to select a neurologist who will best meet their needs. Doctors may have varying levels of knowledge and skill. The greatest of these like Dr Arun Kumar Sharma can help you treat or manage neurological impairments swiftly. Choosing the correct professional like, on the other hand, might be a difficult task. This post will teach you when to see one and how to choose the finest in the business.

How to Locate a Neurologist

Request that your doctor send you to a neurologist who specialises in your disease or problem. You may also utilise the online service locator provided by healthdirect.

You may be directed to a hospital neurology unit, such as a stroke centre, or to an outpatient clinic or programme that specialises in treating a specific neurological disorder, such as epilepsy or motor neurone disease.

Getting an appointment with a neurologist might take months. If your doctor determines that you have a serious disease or require immediate care, you should be able to schedule an earlier appointment.

What places do neurologists work?

Neurologists see patients in clinics or operating rooms. Many of them work at both public and private hospitals. If surgery is recommended, the patient will most likely be sent to a neurosurgeon.Some neurologists operate as part of a team with other experts and health professionals, such as a hospital stroke team or critical care team.

What happens on your first appointment to a neurologist?

Muscle strength, memory, eye health and vision, and coordination will all be tested during a neurological examination. The tests are normally not uncomfortable, although they may cause some little discomfort.

  • People will not need to bring anything with them to their initial neurology appointment. The neurologist may be involved in the appointment:
  • Inquire about any symptoms, as well as any current or former medical problems or drugs.
  • analysing a person's posture, stride, ease of movement, and balance for any evident indicators of a condition
  • measuring pulse and blood pressure, listening to the lungs and heart, and inquiring about bowel motions and urine passage, as they can indicate how well the autonomic nervous system is working
Following this first evaluation, a neurologist may do a number of tests, including:
  • Cranial nerve tests: These assess the function of the brain nerves, which can alter the senses. In an eye exam, people may be required to recognise certain odours as well as letters or numbers.
  • Coordination and motor skills tests: A neurologist may instruct patients to spin around, move their limbs in a certain manner, tap their fingers, or write. People may also be subjected to a migraine treatment in Dubai, such as a tap on the knee, to assess their response.
  • Sensitivity tests: A neurologist may assess how well patients respond to headache treatment in Dubai such as soft fabric or touching containers with warm or cold water.