What are the services provided by neurologists in Dubai?

What are the services provided by neurologists in Dubai?

Migraines often affect one part of the head and might be characterised by aching or pulsating pain. Nausea, diarrhoea, and a heightened perception of light and sound are frequently present. Your everyday activities may be disrupted by migraine episodes, which can last for hours or even days and produce excruciating agony. Certain migraine types may be prevented and made less severe with medication. The right prescription drugs, self-help techniques, and a lifestyle adjustment may all be beneficial.

A neurodevelopmental illness called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) impacts how a person thinks, feels, and reacts to their surroundings. In educational settings, when symptoms include difficulty with behaviour control, anger management, poor concentration, and lack of concentration are most noticeable, ADHD treatment in dubai is mostly done to children’s.

We have been Dubai's Best neurological doctor in Dubai, psychiatry, cognitive science, and counselling for more than 15 years. Modern examinations are used by our experts to deliver the most cutting-edge, successful, and patient-centred therapy. Dr Arun Kumar Sharma has state-of-the-art technology that allows individuals to obtain the most precise diagnosis and timely treatment.

Competent Team

Our team of neurologists, therapists, and counsellors includes eminent scholars, university professors, hospital administrators, and senior staff from some of Dubai's top institutions.

Exact Treatment
In addition to chronic and acute illnesses and ailments, our neurologists, therapists, and psychologists handle situations that range in complexity from simple to extremely complicated.

Complete Examinations

Our specialists are offering thorough assessments and professional advice of complicated situations that received inadequate care at other clinics.

Convenient Clinic

Lie back and listen to soothing music in our inviting waiting area. In order to reduce dread and anxiety, we treat all of our patients as though they were guests.


Nearly all of the UAE's main insurance providers are partners with us. By company, different amounts of coverage are provided.

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In Dubai, neurologists are also known as neurology professionals. They identify and manage typical brain abnormalities including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, movement problems, seizures, migraines, disorientation, nerve damage, scoliosis, and herniated or displaced discs.

Our neurologists in Dubai evaluate typical symptoms such fatigue, convulsions, loss of feeling, visual issues, migraines that last a long time, disorientation, and trouble with concentrating and writing. They carry out tests, such as NCVs, EPs, EEGs, EMGs, ultrasounds, and many more, to achieve this.

The nerves that link the central nervous system to the other parts of the body make up the peripheral nervous system. Carpal tunnelling syndrome, insulin dependent “ reinvent, sciatica brought on by twisted or compressed discs, bruised, diseased, or wounded peripheral nerves, Bell's palsy, among others, are common neurodegenerative illnesses affecting the peripheral nervous system. Injuries, illness, congenital anomalies, and degenerative alterations to the brain system can all cause neurological illnesses.

Migraine Treatment in Dubai is done by a neurologist at a facility or hospital in Dubai to identify and treat individuals with brain disorders. To control the illness, they will also recommend drugs and therapy. Patients with neurological diseases receive thorough and specialised care from our Pain management consultant in Dubai at the Neuroscience center in Dubai.