Why should you visit a neurologist to treat your migraine?

Why should you visit a neurologist to treat your migraine?

Headache is a normal issue that occurs due to various reasons. If moderate or severe headaches are appearing on a regular basis, then there is a possibility that it may be a migraine which is considered a neurological symptom. A primary care doctor can treat various types of health issues, but if serious headaches are regularly disturbing you, please consider scheduling an appointment with the best neurologist doctor in Dubai. Regular headaches clearly indicate that something is serious.

Migraines and serious headaches can appear at any age. Even children face this problem, but generally, it starts in the teen years. Approach the most experienced neurologist to get migraine treatment in Dubai. If you are struggling with any other symptom, please inform the neurologist because only then the best treatment plan can be prepared. The other symptoms could be:

  • Changes in the eyesight
  • Seizures
  • Pain that gets worsened due to straining
  • Pain that lasts for a long duration
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Lightheadedness
Neurological examinations are necessary

The expert neurologists work in a systematic manner and ask a series of questions. Expert neurologists also ask about symptoms, medical history. It is important to tell that if your family members also have the same problem. Physical examinations and neurological tests are also carried out to trace the cause of pain. In most of the cases, the headaches do not occur due to any serious health issue. However, it is important to find the issue that is triggering the headache. It is important to get the best headache treatment in Dubai so that life does not get affected. There can be many reasons behind a serious headache such as:

  • Brain abscess
  • Hemorrhage
  • Tumor
  • A serious injury
  • Infection and swelling
  • Blood clotting
  • Abnormalities in the blood vessel
  • Serious head trauma
  • Disease or sinus blockage
  • Aneurysm (a bulge that appears in the wall of a blood vessel that can burst or leak)
Modern tests for diagnosing serious headaches

With the help of modern tests, it is possible to diagnose a serious headache.

  • MRI - The neurologist recommends patients to undergo an MRI test if they have recently met with an accident. It becomes easy to conclude whether the headaches are being triggered by that injury. With the help of the MRI test, tumors and structural issues can also be checked.
  • CT scan - With the help of this test, the neurologist finds out whether the pain is occurring from spinal issues, bleeding or tumors that are present near or inside the head.
  • EEG - With the help of advanced machines, it is possible to measure the brain waves. The neurologist also studies the brain activities to find whether the pain is erupting due to any brain dysfunction, brain damage, brain disorder or any sleep issue.
  • Other examinations - The neurologist can recommend different types of eye exams, blood tests, X-rays of the sinuses are also recommended by the neurologist in some cases.

Expert neurologists such as Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma can bring you quick relief from a serious headache. With the help of the best treatment plan, it is possible to get rid of the serious headaches and migraines.