Dizziness Treatment In Dubai


Do you require Dizziness Treatment in Dubai?

Dizziness is variously described by the sufferer as lightheadedness, difficulty to stand or walk straight, a spinning sensation of the surroundings, or a rotational perception of the self in relation to one's physical surroundings. Sometimes it is an indescribable, vague feeling of a swirling sensation in the head. The unique inability of the victim to understand the cause of either an episode of spinning sensation of the surroundings or a constant nagging dizziness is quite understandable.

There are several structures and mechanisms for the maintenance of balance in the human body; their dysfunction, either individually or in combination with each other, can account for the multifactorial problem of dizzinesss. A sudden drop in blood pressure, blood sugar, or electrolytes like sodium and potassium; anaemia (low haemoglobin); a stiff neck (cervical spondylosis), are common causes of dizziness. Persistent high blood pressure and deficiency of vitamins (particularly that of vitamin B12) are other oft-neglected factors. The true spinning sensation of surroundings, often precipitated by turning position of the head, is usually due to displacement of crystals in the vestibular organ (the transmitter that sends signals to the brain about the position of our body in relation to the external space around us) is called vertigo or "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" in medical terminology.

However, lest we dismiss all causes of dizziness and vertigo as benign or inconsequentially innocent, allow me to bring to your attention the more serious and potentially debilitating causes of dizziness and vertigo. These are stroke or bleeding in the brain (especially involving the cerebellum and brainstem, often called the hind-brain), brain tumor in the proximity of the vestibular nerve, inflammation of the nerve carrying signals of balance from vestibular organ to brain (vestibular neuritis), Meniere's disease, neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. Early evaluation can unearth a potentially serious cause of dizziness. Even a brief episode of dizziness should not be neglected.

You can consult Dr. Arun Sharma for an accurate diagnosis and the best dizziness treatment in Dubai. The expertise of highly experienced doctors easily traces the root cause of the problem.
Most common reasons behind the problem of dizziness:

● Vestibular neuritis and dislodgement of crystals in the vestibular canals
● Tumor in or around cerebellum
● Migraine
● Low blood pressure
● Cardiovascular disease
● General health problems
● History of ear ailments
● Inadequate nutrition
● Injury to head or neck
● Strokes

Necessity of visiting a highly experienced neurologist for dizziness treatment in Dubai:

One of the prominent neurologists in Dubai, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma conducts a detailed clinical examination of the nervous system followed by audiometry. One particularly advanced neurophysiological test called Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) study has the advantage of being a totally comfortable, non-invasive, and highly accurate investigation for the cause behind dizziness is available at the clinic of Dr Arun Kumar Sharma. Some simple blood tests may be needed to rule out metabolic or hematological reasons. A suspicion of brain stroke or tumor may necessitate an MRI of brain. Since neck stiffness is a common cause of dizziness, an MRI of the cervical spine may also have to be obtained.

Benign positional vertigo treatment in Dubai can be done simply by repositioning of inner ear crystals by Epley manoeuvre. Dr Arun Kumar Sharma is a highly accomplished and renowned expert at performing Epley manoeuvre.