Living with Parkinson’s disease


Living with Parkinson's disease

Living with a disease like Parkinson’s is both frustrating and challenging. However, with a positive mind and the assistance of the Best neurologist in Dubai, you can overcome any disease in the world. Here are some tips to follow to stay active and fresh while handling Parkinson’s disease.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is important for everyone but for patients with Parkinson’s disease, it is a must. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that restricts its patients to be confined to their safe location. However, to be healthy, you have to keep your mobility intact albeit in a limited way. Take time to stretch your body and do basic exercise after consulting your doctor. Exercising daily grants more flexibility to the body and boosts the overall physical and mental condition of the patient.

Watch your movement

As mentioned, Parkinson’s is a movement disorder so you will have to be fall savvy to avoid injuries and further complications. So, you will have to move smartly and plant your heel first while taking a step. Instead of making quick movements, take each step patiently and watch ahead and keep your posture straight. It is also better to take a stick or can while walking for support.

Manage Sleeping Routine

Patients with Parkinson’s can sometimes face trouble while sleeping. In such a case, try following a particular sleep routine that includes going to bed and waking up at specific times. Avoid going to bed other than sleep time and prefer to spend your time in a healthy environment. Moreover, keep your bed clean and use fresh linen as it is proven that a clean and comfy bed is vital in sleeping on time. In case if you have pets or children at home, avoid sharing a bed or room with them.

Eat fresh and healthy

It is common for patients with Parkinson’s disease to suffer from health conditions such as dehydration, weight loss, constipation, and others. Adopting healthy eating habits can handle such conditions well. Make sure your diet contains all ingredients of a healthy diet that is eggs, meat, milk, vegetables, etc. Keep an eye on food enrich with carbs, fats, sugar, that are unhealthy and instead opt for healthy items such as fresh fruits, grains, vegetables. You can also consult the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai to devise a diet plan suitable for your condition.

Live Life to the fullest

To fight Parkinson’s disease, you need to keep your spirits high. Look for a support group to share your thoughts, feels, and mood with those that are going through the same struggle. You can also speak to those that have successfully handled the disease for inspiration and morale boost. To keep depression and anxiety at bay, engage in activities such as painting, gardening, puzzle-solving, board games, writing, massage sessions, and so on.