Migraine Headache Treatment in Dubai: Symptoms, Diagnosis


Migraine Headache Treatment in Dubai: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and More

do you experience headaches? It is one of the reasons patients seek Migraine Treatment in Dubai from a neurologist, and it is the most common reason to do so. It has the potential to bring about a variety of changes in one's life quality. Before beginning any treatment, an exact diagnosis of the problem must first be completed. There are answers to problems.

Headache types

There are many different types of headaches. Primary headaches, such as migraine, tension, analgetic headaches, or cluster headaches, are the most prevalent. Your Pain Management consultant in Dubai must know how your headache feels, where it originates, whether other symptoms accompany it, how long it lasts, and how frequently it occurs. He will then undergo several medical examinations. Your neurologist can advise you on the best treatment once he has determined the diagnosis. Treatment is a possibility!


Among the most common neurological disorders is migraine. An estimated ten percent of the world's adult population suffers from migraine, with women being more affected than males. Neurologists believe that the differences between men and women are primarily due to hormonal and hereditary factors. Adolescence is a common starting point. Recurrences begin to decrease after the 50th year of age.


A transient issue with brain function, Migraines enlarge and irritate cerebral blood vessels, causing severe headaches. Inflamed nerve fibers around veins send pain signals.Stress, menstruation, red wine, sleep-wake cycle abnormalities, irregular meals, weather, light stimulus, odor, or neck pain can provoke migraines. Each person's triggers are unique and might change over time. These triggers don't create the disease; they accelerate it.


The Best neurologist doctor in Dubai now has access to therapy alternatives that are both very effective and relatively quick for treating migraine headaches.You are mistaken if you believe seeing a neurologist won't help you overcome what you're going through. Emirates Hospital Clinic Dubai has one of the most outstanding psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists in Dubai, all of whom can assist you in determining the underlying cause of your headaches and in finding lasting relief for them.

Reduce stress to avoid migraines

Don't overextend. Everything isn't urgent.Enjoy life.Nobody's perfectPlan your day to improve time management. Remember to stop.


Yoga, autogenic training, and progressive muscular relaxation aid must be done regularly. Psychiatry

Research suggests CBT helps migraine patients. Consultation can lessen migraine frequency. The German Headache and Migraine Association included CBT in its guidelines.

Endurance sports

Endurance sports include walking, jogging, running, and swimming. It would help if you had a routine of half an hour of exercise at least three times per week.


Uniform Sleep-wake cycle during weekends. Regularly eat and drink.


Migraine triggers should be avoided.

Migraine therapy

Acute attack drugs differ; in more uncomplicated cases, painkillers may suffice. Combine with anti-nausea drugs. Drugs must be more potent. Migraine drugs usually work within 2 hours. Take your Best neurologist Dubai prescribed medication. Attention! Painkillers can be taken 10-12 times a month. Otherwise, you risk an analgesic headache.

Migraine Medical prophylaxis

Daily Headache treatment in Dubai can minimize the number of attacks and the length of each attack in extreme situations or improve the efficacy of the acute drug. This drug must be taken for three-quarters to a year. Your neurologist will determine the appropriate drug for you and supervise treatment.