Relaxation And Mindfulness - A Gateway To Defeat Migraines.

Relaxation And Mindfulness - A Gateway To Defeat Migraines.

Migraines are considered one of the most frustrating and painful headaches that one can experience. Migraines do not have specific causes and are touted as symptoms of many health issues. This article explains how Mindfulness and Relaxation can help tackle migraines. Dr Arun Kumar Sharma is considered one of the best neurologist doctors in Dubai and has many feathers to his hat. A neurologist for over three decades, Dr Sharma, has dealt with many migraine cases in his years as a medical professional and, as one of the best neurologists in Dubai, points out how relaxation and mindfulness can help reduce the complications of migraines.

Migraines have many sources, but Dr Arun Kumar Sharma believes that migraines stem from anxiety and stress, which is why these headaches have become common among people of all ages. In this article, we discuss techniques to help manage migraines using mindfulness and relaxation.

Deep Breathing

The art of controlling one's breath is an ancient technique that helps in reducing anxiety. Deep breathing helps patients relax their mind and body, which in turn helps reduce migraines. Deep breathing helps increase the body's oxygen intake, allowing the brain to function fully ultimately relieving stress and anxiety.

Practising pranayama is one way to start your deep breathing practice. Start by sitting quietly, taking deep breaths, and exhaling slowly. Do this for 15 minutes a day for extended benefits.


Besides being a great physical activity, yoga is vital in helping your mental health develop. Practising yoga regularly can help you achieve a healthier body and mind, which helps in managing many ailments like depression, stress, anxiety and other spectrum diseases like cholesterol and diabetes. Yoga also induces a sense of discipline in one's daily routine, leading to a relaxed mind.

Yoga Nidra is another yoga practice that helps you achieve a state of relaxation, helping you find clarity of thoughts, which is a significant factor in relieving stress. This practice is a form of mindfulness and meditation that plays a pivotal role in consistently reducing migraines effectively for long periods.

Outdoor Exercises

Yes, outdoor exercises can be considered as relaxation activities. Pick an exercise like walking, running, or cycling that helps you take your mind off your worries and make it a habit to perform these activities consistently.

Having regular outdoor activities helps you get exposed to nature and absorb much-needed vitamins like Vitamin D, essential for a healthy body. Outdoor activities can significantly impact your physical appearance, which will help your mental health and motivate you to stay healthy and find solace in your daily activities. An active lifestyle can help prevent migraines without any medication or treatments.

As one of the best neurologist doctors in Dubai , Dr Sharma prescribes these mindful and relaxing activities to prevent migraines naturally for a longer time efficiently and effectively. Visit our website best neurologist dubai to book your next appointment with Dr. Sharma to eliminate all your migraine problems with effective treatment.