Role of advanced neurological tests in improving quality of life


Role of advanced neurological tests in improving quality of life

The human body is superior in comparison to other living organisms thanks to its complex anatomy. The human brain is very creative, high-developed and the limbs allow the body to accomplish the desired task. The muscle movement and internal organs also play a pivotal role to support life. The human body can develop deformities, and it is truly difficult to diagnose problems that appear inside the body. Only, with the help of a proper neurological examination, it is possible to accurately identify a disorder in the central nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves all are important as they support vital functions of the body. The human brain is the command post of the body that helps in thinking and planning.

There are several hundred types of central nervous system disorders. Such disorders can spoil the normal capacities of life, and you must approach the best neurologist doctor in Dubai to get the best treatment. One such neurologist is Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma who is famous for his skills. All of us have heard about some specific nervous system disorders such as

  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Migraine headaches
  • Parkinson’s disease

A medical expert is not supposed to jump to conclusions. There are various tests that can determine the strength, balance and various aspects of the nervous system. The neurological disorders can be treated easily if the ailment is diagnosed at an early stage. With the help of proper treatment, the long-term complications of the disease can be decreased.

The time to undergo a neurological examination

When a disorder or deformity appears in the body, it gives some clear indications. Constant headache, blurred vision, numbness in legs or arms, problems in maintaining balance, lack of coordination in the body, constant weakness, fever, seizures, fatigue are clear indications that some neurological disorder is present in the body. If you are noticing behavioral changes in your loved ones, it is time to act.

What to expect during a neurological examination?

A trained, well-versed, knowledgeable neurologist performs several examinations to determine whether or not a deformity exists. The best neurologist Dubai begins the treatment only after determining the exact situation. Different capabilities of the nervous system are tested during the examination. The tests are conducted on the basis of symptoms. In some tests, the neurologist also determines whether the patient is mentally alert. The neurologist can also check your balance and coordination. All of us have seen neurologists tapping the different sections of the body with a small rubber hammer. The neurologist checks the reflexes of the body. The quality of life is improved if a neurological disorder is identified and properly treated.

The neurologist can also ask the patient to recognize various sensations such as pain, heat and cold. The cranial nerves connect different organs of the body with the brain. The neurologist can easily determine which nerves have some connection with the symptoms. The neurologist can also ask you to undergo vision and hearing tests. The patient of a neurological disorder can be asked to undergo additional tests such as measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, pulse beat etc. As technology has made sufficient progress, it is easy to determine how the brain is functioning. Electromyography (EMG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) is used for analyzing the brain activities. Today, the decorators are well-equipped with sophisticated devices to trace the deformities of the nervous system. In the coming days, improved screening methods will be devised, and it will benefit the patients.