Take neurological treatment to effectively cure headache and migraine


Take neurological treatment to effectively cure headache and migraine

Most of us know how terrifying it is to sense a throbbing ache in the temples. A regular headache can spoil the charm of life and destroy mental peace. So, you must take regular headaches very seriously. There is a difference between a headache and a migraine. If the headache is appearing occasionally, then it is due to normal issues, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are encountering intense headaches very frequently, then you must meet the best neurologist doctor in Dubai.

Causes and types of headaches

To those who are unaware, there are different types of headaches. It is important to identify the location where the pain is appearing, and the nature of pain should also be taken into consideration. It helps to determine the exact cause because of which the pain is appearing.

  • Tension headache - This headache spreads across both the sides of the heads. They often start at the back but creep forward. Excessive eye strain, hunger and stress are held responsible for the tension headache.
  • Sinus headache - If you are sick or feeling congested, the sinus headache will appear. This headache is caused by swelling in the sinus passage. It might result in pain that appears behind the cheeks, eye and nose.
  • Cluster headaches - This type of headache is very painful, and it appears in clusters. Some patients claim that this type of headache appears on a regular basis at the same time. In some cases, this headache might appear several times in one day. Cluster headaches also appear due to excessive physical exertion and exposure to bright lights. When the patient travels to high altitude areas, this problem might appear. Approach an experienced neurologist to get the best headache treatment in Dubai.
Treatment of migraine

When the word migraine is referred to, most people think that there is a discussion about a serious headache. However, migraine is a neurological disorder. There is the role of nerve pathways and chemicals with this neurological disease. Sometimes, there are changes in the brain activity, and it affects the blood that is present in the brain as well as surrounding tissues. This causes several symptoms to appear. The migraine pain sufferers also experience other symptoms such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Increased sensitivity to smell, sound and light
  • Nausea
  • Extreme fatigue
Causes that trigger the problem of migraine
  • Hormonal shift - Changes in hormones are a factor that often triggers this problem. Also, it has been found out that women are more likely to suffer from this problem.
  • Allergies - In some cases severe allergic reactions cause inflammation and irritation. Migraines are also associated with allergies. Consult with the best neurologist Dubai and start early treatment of migraine.
  • Genetics - Many people suffer from migraine due to genetic causes. If your ancestors had this problem, then, you are likely to suffer from this problem.
  • Environmental factors - Changes in weather, lack of sleep, excessive stress can also give birth to the migraine.

With the help of proper neurological treatment and some lifestyle adjustment, you can prevent future episodes of headache and migraine. The promising migraine treatment in Dubai can bring relief in your life. With the help of regular exercising and minor dietary changes, you can control your headache. Also,try to get some sound sleep to control this problem.

Cluster headache - When there is a sudden eruption of severe pain (behind one eye), it is termed as the cluster headache. It is believed that this is one of the most severe types of headache. They can appear on a daily basis, and sometimes the cluster headache erupts multiple times a day. They can last for one to three hours. Consult with your doctor to mitigate the pain in the best possible manner. You can also take the help of the best neurologist doctor in Dubai.

Meet a doctor if you want a lasting solution

It is a serious problem if your headaches are regular. Consult with your primary physician to get a treatment plan. If the primary physician is unable to control the problem, you must meet a specialist such as a neurologist. If the headache continues to last long, then it will interfere with your normal routine activities. Some headaches are so serious that the patients lose their consciousness and vision. You can also have uncontrolled vomiting. So, consult with an expert neurologist