Dr. Arun Sharma

Why should you consult with an experienced neurologist for treating the headache?

Are you frequently encountering a severe headache, and it is degrading the quality of your life? If your answer is yes, then it is time to consult with an experienced neurologist. Many people are unaware that an expert neurologist can easily treat severe headaches and migraines. Very often, it is seen that initially people struggle with headaches and migraines for a long duration and then schedule an appointment with a neurologist when ordinary medicine does not work.

How is a neurologist different from a general practitioner?

The general practitioners and ordinary doctors can effectively treat small health issues. However, the best neurologist doctor in Dubai has specialization in treating disorders of the nervous system. Any serious problem in the spinal cord, nerves and brain is treated by a neurologist. So, if you have been struggling with a headache and migraine for a very long time, just consult with an expert neurologist. The experienced neurologist will quickly analyze your problem and begin the treatment. There are many signs and symptoms that indicate that you must see a neurologist:

  • If the headache is appearing on a frequent basis. A very severe headache can spoil the quality of life.
  • The patient is not experiencing relief even after taking medicine.
  • The headaches are accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or vomiting.
  • The headaches have started appearing after a serious injury.
  • The vision of the patient is affected.
  • The headache is becoming worse with the passage of time.

If you are struggling with more than one of the aforementioned symptoms, it is time to consult with experienced neurologists such as Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma. The experienced neurologist works in a highly systematic manner and examines the problem before developing a treatment plan. When an experienced neurologist treats the patient for the headache, very soon, impressive results appear.

What should you expect during the appointment with the neurologist?

Many patients wonder what they should expect after taking an appointment with the neurologist. Most neurologists ask a series of questions that help them to make a conclusion. You can expect the following questions:

  • How often do headaches appear?
  • How bad and serious are his headaches?
  • What is the quality of your sleep? Do you get sufficient sleep?
  • Is the headache influenced by food, drinks and weather?
  • Have you taken any special treatment for treating the headache?

When your neurologist will discuss all these aspects, it will become easy to identify the potential causes that are triggering migraine or headache. It also becomes easy for the neurologist to create the best treatment plan. The experienced neurologist also discusses the headache history. Also, expect a physical examination from the neurologist. They can also check your blood pressure. Some neurologists also check the reflexes, sensation as well as strength. Such examinations enable the neurologist to analyze your overall neurological health.

The neurologist can also recommend some necessary tests such as a CT scan or MRI. With the help of advanced tests, they easily identify the problems. Try to get the best headache treatment in Dubai so that you can live a normal and happy life. Do not allow headaches to spoil the quality of your life.